Lillian Tompkins: Founder and CEO

Image of Lillian Tompkins, CEO of Macro Cafe.Lillian founded Macro Café after many years of working out, trying to build her physique and participating in fitness competitions. She learned how to prepare her own meals with the exact macronutrient counts to help her reach her goals. Word spread about Lillian's expertise in creating recipes, and she was asked to prepare meals for friends, co-workers and family to help them achieve their personal goals. This inspired her to expand this service into a business, so she could offer nutritious meals to others who want to eat better and live healthier lives. Macro Café now offers healthy meal preparation to clients throughout the Hudson Valley.

 Lillian comes from an insurance background providing employee benefits for over 24 years. RoCo Solutions, her personal insurance business, was designed to manage all insurance needs. She was a District Sales Coordinator and Special Projects Coordinator for over 20 years in Aflac and worked in the broker relations arena for over 10 years.  Her book of business continues with the support of her team.   

Along with Macro Cafe, Lillian teaches a HIIT fitness class at 5am three days a week.  She also guest teaches for several gyms in the area.  She is married to John who you sometimes will see delivering food or in the kitchen after his long day working at his family business.  Lillian is a mother to two boys, Robert and Cole who keep her busy attending their sporting events.